Drawing around the body

the manual and visual practice of drawing and the embodiment of knowledge

Juliet MacDonald, Leeds Metropolitan University, April 2010

Title page
Introduction to the thesis

Part I

Overview document as PDF file
Part I of the thesis, Overview of the research process, provides a summary of the background, context, terminology and methodology of the project. It also contains a narrative of the research process (section 5) and the conclusions (section 6).

Part II

Narrative of the research process
Part II of the thesis is a digital archive of drawings showing the figurative outcomes of the research. The numbering of this section corresponds to Narrative of the research process (Part I: section 5). The intention is that these should be viewed and read together.
This is submitted in website form requiring web browser software with the Flash 8 plug-in. Alternatively, the same material is available at higher resolution in PDF files and Quicktime movies in the folder II_Drawings_as_PDFs.

Part III

Hand Eye Practice
Part III of the thesis is an opening diagram leading to 12 interconnected texts and a bibliography, Hand Eye Practice.
This is in website form. Alternatively, the same 12 texts are available in the folder III_texts_as_Word_files.